The go-to special effects company for all the all aspects of science, engineering and explosives. Working with the industries biggest productions.


We at Brightfire take pride in our "how hard can it be" attitude. Solving problems and getting the job done to a professional standard.


From engineering custom vehicles for the likes of 'Top Gear' and 'The Grand Tour' to making wild props for shows like 'Derren Browns Apocalypse' and 'Steven Hawking's Genius'.


Brightfire is equipped to deal with the biggest that TV and Film can ask for, adding years of expertise to create something unique and jaw-dropping.


Pyrotechnics is a core part of Brightfire. CEO, Mike Sansom, has been blowing things up as far back as he can remember.


Safety is our primary concern here at Brightfire. We want to make any pyrotechnics as safe as possible whilst making them as impressive as possible. We love blowing things up as much as any other pyrotechnics experts, but we do it with care and precision.

Live Events

Live events are a combination of many talents at Brightfire. It fuses; SFX, Pyrotechnics, Production and Mike's plethora of presenting experience.


If not hosting our own, we able to provide a whole host of services for live events. Corporate events, circus acts, magic shows, firework displays,  festivals, product launches,  the list goes on. Contact us with any and all inquiries.


A Production and SFX company